Profiler VS pod běžným účtem

<drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10\Team Tools\Performance Tools

Run the following command:

vsperfcmd /admin:driver,start /admin:service,start

This command installs and starts the driver for the profiling tools.

This command starts the profiling driver and service so that non-admin users may use profiling features that are available in their User process space. Only an Administrator may run the command; and it will fail for non-administrative Users.

Notice that the effects of this step are undone after the computer restarts, unless you also perform the final step in this procedure.

Run the command to allow access to profiling driver functionality by a user or group that does not have administrator access to the computer:

vsperfcmd /admin:security,allow,<right[,right],<user name|group name>

This command grants the <user name> or <group name> account access to the Profiling tools. The <right> option determines the profiling functionality the user can access. The <right> option can be one or more of the following values:

FullAccess – allows access to all profiling methods including collecting performance data from services, sampling, and cross session profiling.

SampleProfiling – allows access to sample profiling methods

CrossSession – allows access to cross session profiling which is required for profiling services.

(Optional) To preserve the results of any of the previous steps after computer restarts, run the following command:

vsperfcmd /admin:driver,autostart,on
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